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With thousands of items it is hard to select just one.

There is nothing like House of Props... anywhere. period.

House of Props, Inc. has everything from a ram's head jeweled snuff box from Persia to a oil-painted nude named "Stella," which is about 5 feet wide. [Al Torf, who established the business sixty years ago, bid for the painting at an auction house and bid up the price to exceed his opposing bidder — famed designer Mr. Blackwell.] House of Props, Inc. has art deco Demetre Chiparus sculptures, knights in shining armor, breathtaking and extravagant sterling, crystal, ornate porcelain, and regal signed bronzes to ephemeral alabaster and marble sculptures. Design professionals come to House of Props to rent extraordinarily unique treasures — the same as those you might covet after viewing them at museums, galleries and castles.

Placing object d' arte such as these on a set, a photo shoot, or a staged environment transforms time and space. It elevates perception and experience to create another moment — another world.